Well, Dracula was not here…
Still, there are some reasons to enjoy BRASOV, the city which “adopted” me through marriage :))

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The tour usually starts in the Council Square, which used to be Brasov’s marketplace (“Marktplatz” in German) since the 14th century for Saxon, Romanian as well as foreign merchants alike. The most important building in the Square is the Council Tower, built at the beginning of the 15th century.
From here we’ll visit the Black Church, the largest Gothic Cathedral in South-Eastern Europe, built at the end of the 14th century. We’ll stroll in the Old City streets, reach Catherine’s Gate, and get to Schei Quarter, which used to be the Romanian Quarter. In this area we’ll visit St Nicholas Church, the oldest Orthodox Church in Brasov, and the First School in the Romanian Language.
We’ll get back to the Old City, enter the Schei Gate, pass by the Synagogue (optional visit) and turn to the Rope Street, probably the narrowest street in Europe.
We’ll walk along the Guilds’ Towers then get back to the Old City, entering the former Main City Gate at the bottom of the Republicii Street, nowadays hosting shops, coffee houses, and open air restaurants.

DURATION: 2h:30min

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