Dracula Was/Not Here


Vlad Tepes_simbol Dragon

BUCHAREST: The old Princely Court, from where Vlad issued the first document which mentions the City (September 1459).

SNAGOV Monastery, near Bucharest. Vlad’s alleged tomb in the church.

BRAN Castle: Vlad was imprisoned here for a couple of months in 1462 by order of prince Mathias Corvin.

SIGHISOARA: Vlad’s birthplace.

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TARGOVISTE: the Princely Court where Vlad spent six years of his childhood, while his father was a ruler.

COMANA Monastery — close to Bucharest in Giurgiu County, founded by Vlad in 1461 as a fortified monastery during his excursions against the Ottomans near the Danube. Historians say that THIS is Vlad’s true burial place.

(optional) POIENARI Citadel, Vlad’s secondary residence, meant to be a fortress against the Turkish invaders. Presently it is in ruins and it requires climbing 1500 steps, quite demanding…

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