CECILIA — For tours in English:

Born and raised in Bucharest, I majored in English in 1996 and got an MA in American Studies from the University of Bucharest.
In my senior year, I earned the Soros Scholarship to study culture and civilization at the Institute of Applied Language Studies, the University of Edinburgh. It was in Scotland where I had the chance to go on a tour of this wonderful country and get inspired by Tim Porteus, the greatest guide ever!
Two years later I signed up for a training course in cultural tourism, provided by RoCulTours/CTI, academic travel agency, thanks to Mrs. Maria Burs Popescu, the Director of the European Cultural Center. This is how I started guiding English-speaking tourists from the USA, the UK, CANADA and ISRAEL …
Then I joined the Fulbright Commission in Romania and for seven years I guided prospective students to study in the US. Again, guiding…
I met my husband in Israel, got married and followed him to Brasov, the city right in the middle of Romania, probably the best city in the world :))
Almost 20 years have passed since I was nervous in front of my first tourists who were actually anxious to see Bucharest, Bran, Brasov, Sinaia, Transylvania, if possible to meet Dracula, to admire the painted monasteries of Bucovina, to relax in the Danube Delta, and to find out more about the country and the people …
It’s been almos 20 years of exploring this country myself on personal visits or with tourists, discovering and rediscovering places…
I look forward to guiding all those interested in visiting Romanian sights! Senior citizens and families with children are most welcome!
Love from Brasov, the heart of Romania!


Email: cecilyandrei@yahoo.com
Tel: + 40 753 09 50 88
(WhatsApp available)


MIRCEA VALENTIN — Fur Deutschsprachigen Touristen:

Email: mircea.stanila@yahoo.com
Tel: + 40 754 671 310
(WhatsApp available)

For tours in German please visit DEUTSCH section of this site…

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